The Welcome Committee is a nonprofit organization established to advocate for the humane processing of asylum seekers and refugees in Australia.

Our activities are designed to compel more Australians to believe in a humane, less punitive, and ultimately less ridiculously expensive asylum seeker processing policy. This advocacy addresses both major parties - we are not politically aligned.

The founding members of The Welcome Committee are Dave King (The Royals), Lou Weis (Broached Commissions), Grace McQuilten (The Social Studio) and Giuseppe Demaio (Local Peoples). But we are keen to hear from organisations and individuals who would are similarly motivated to see a change in asylum seeker policy.

We are targeting a mainstream audience and harnessing the power of design and advertising to create social change. 

Please get in contact here if you'd like to chat.

The Welcome Mat

A Welcome Mat is a gesture of hospitality and generosity. A front door with The Welcome Committee mat conveys your willingness to support the humane treatment of asylum seekers who seek refuge in Australia. 

Funds raised through the sale of Welcome Mats are being used to implement a media campaign advocating for the rights of asylum seekers and refugees. The campaign has been developed with a team of pro-bono advertising, design and media professionals. 

The focus of Welcome Committee campaigns will be to convey the unnecessary human suffering and federal government expenditure on the compulsory detention program. 

Examples of advocacy activities

With the sale of 500 welcome mats, we can achieve the following:

With the sale of 1000 welcome mats, we can achieve the following:

With the sale of 5000 welcome mats, we can: 

About the manufacturing of the mats

Are the mats made from sustainable materials?

The Welcome Mats are made from coir sourced locally in India. Coir is a natural fibre extracted from the husk of coconut. Harvesting and processing coir involves minimal waste, of which 100% is biodegradable.  90% of coir production happens in India and Sri Lanka.

Are the mats produced ethically?

We have partnered with Lords Exports for the production. They are based in Cherthala town "the home of coir industry" in Alleppey District of Kerala, India. Lords Exports have an ethical employment policy, they comply with all industry and export laws of India and they are a member of the Federation of Indian Export Organisations.

Where does the money go?

100% of the profit from sales of welcome mats go directly to advocacy activities. This amounts to 70% of the retail price of the mats. The remaining 30% covers the cost of production and shipping. We have no paid staff, no administration costs and no management overheads.

How many staff are paid at The Welcome Committee?

The Welcome Committee is a 100% volunteer-based organisation.